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About RIE Hair Boutique

About RIE Hair Boutique

Want the Best Hair Extensions?  Buy for Luxury and Quality.

Have you ever been disappointed by hair extensions that looked great at first, but had to be replaced in a few shampoos? At RIEhairboutique, we understand the frustration that comes from buying hair bundles that don’t offer luxury or quality. That’s why we are one of the few human hair extension companies that sells premium virgin hair of all types.

Our luxury Indian hair extensions are sourced from trustworthy locations. One touch is all you need to know they are the real thing. We’re fast becoming known as one of the best virgin Indian hair vendors, and we also offer hair from other countries, such as Malaysia and Cambodia.

Why Work With a Virgin Indian Hair Company for Extensions?

If you’re new to buying virgin Indian hair extensions, you may wonder why they’re considered the highest-quality products. The first reason is the way a distributor like us sources our hair. All truly Indian hair is taken from the temples of India, pulled into bundles and cut while still on the human scalp. This ensures all the human hair bundles have the hair cuticles going in the same direction.

When hair cuticles flow effortlessly, they are less likely to tangle or snag. Plus, they retain a shine that only gets stronger the more you brush and style them. You can be sure our natural virgin hair extensions are never constructed from hair with cuticles going in different directions.

The second reason to buy from RIEhairboutique, one of the best virgin Indian hair companies in Dallas, TX, is you can be sure you’re actually getting human hair. We never supplement our hair with hair from around the world, dyed hair of a subpar quality, synthetic hair or animal hair. The hair you get is absolutely luxurious Indian hair. Period.

Finally, you can be certain we do not treat our quality Indian hair extensions with products that will wash out in a few shampoos. Although some places claim their hair extensions are soft, that comes from treatments. After cleaning the hair, the treatment product goes away, and the hair becomes dull, tangled and poor quality.

Buy Only the Best Virgin Indian Hair Bundles for Your Personal ‘Dos?

What is your personal style? Is it elegant and sophisticated? Sassy and chic? Or eclectic and exciting? Whatever your look, you can make sure your hair is ready to shine with RIEhairboutique hair extensions.

Our online service will directly ship your hair bundles from our Dallas, Texas, location. Whether you’re in the mood to go wavy or curly, or want your tousles to shine with a champagne shimmer, you only have to place a quick order with us. Love your look with RIEhairboutique. Shop online or call us at (972) 295-9999.