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Difference Between Remy and Virgin Hair Extensions 09-18-2017 15:48

When you're getting hair extensions, you want to make sure they are healthy, clean and durable.

Hair extensions should be natural and manageable. That way, they blend flawlessly into your hair and give it a revitalized volume, shape and texture. Manageable hair extensions should be able to withstand multiple washes, brushing and styling.

You want your hair extensions to come from reliable and knowledgeable people who know where their hair is coming from and get the highest quality.

Why Buy Indian Cuticle Intact Hair Extensions? 07-14-2017 14:30

As you explore the marketplace of hair extensions, you may notice that many do not mention being Remy, or having the cuticle intact or aligned. Ideally, you should only purchase virgin hair online that is guaranteed to have the cuticles running in the same direction.

Virgin 100% Cuticle Unprocessed: How Important Is It? 03-28-2017 16:22

The importance of virgin hair in the world of hair extensions is understood by salon owners and women who have years of experience in using extension products. No synthetic or even lesser quality real hair extensions come close to the quality look, feel, styling flexibility and longevity of virgin products.

Welcome Blog 03-25-2017 20:09

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