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Why Work With a Virgin Indian Hair Company for Extensions?

The real raw hair bundles you love to wear, just one touch one feel and you’ll know it’s real. When you first apply your extensions, they will look and feel fantastic. And  after just a few washes, you will see that they just keep getting better and better with time. They will have the texture and same consistency they had when you first purchased them, and will keep the integrity of texture for years to come.

Shop authentic, don’t settle for low-quality extensions when you have the option of getting the best hair extensions, at RIE Hair Boutique, we sell premium virgin hair of all types. We don’t want you to experience the frustration that comes with inferior hairpieces. We want you to be confident in the quality of your extensions. And when you use our products, you will be!

Why Work With a Virgin Indian Hair Company for Extensions?

Meet the CEO/Founder Laura J. Jackson, solely and single handily established Real Indian LLC aka RIE Hair Boutique in 2015, with a passion to educate on the highest quality hair extensions. If you’re new to buying virgin Indian hair extensions, you may wonder why they’re considered the highest-quality products. The first reason is the way a distributor like us sources our hair. All truly Indian hair is taken from the temples of India, pulled into bundles and cut while still on the human scalp. This ensures all the human hair bundles have the hair cuticles going in the same direction.

When hair cuticles flow effortlessly, they are less likely to tangle or snag, plus they retain a shine that only gets stronger the more you brush and style them. You can be sure our natural virgin hair extensions are never constructed from hair with cuticles going in different directions.

The second reason to buy from RIE Hair Boutique, the best virgin Indian hair company in Dallas, TX, is you can be absolutely sure you’re actually getting human hair. We never comprise the integrity of our hair extensions with any type of chemical manipulation at all! The hair you will receive will be in the most natural and purest quality Indian hair, Cambodian hair, Burmese hair or Malaysian hair. The most luxurious hair extensions, Period!

Finally, you can be certain we do not treat our quality Indian hair extensions with products that will wash out in a few shampoos. Although some places claim their hair extensions are soft, that comes from treatments. After cleaning the hair, the treatment product goes away, and the hair becomes dull, tangled and poor quality. Here at RIE, we guarantee superior quality control to deliver the absolute best products.

100% Real Human Hair Every Time

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At RIE Hair Boutique, we are extremely careful with our products. We never allow them to become compromised. Other companies are careless and even deceptive about what goes into their hairpieces. You may think you’re getting 100% human hair when you’re actually getting hair that’s been mixed with animal fur or synthetic fibers.


Our raw virgin hair extensions are never processed and never come into contact with chemicals. Our inspection process is rigorous. No matter where you are in the world, you can always count on RIE Hair Boutique to provide you with consistently great hairpieces.


RIE Hair Boutique respects the integrity of the hair we work with. That means no chemical manipulation of any kind. Just 100% all-natural hair. Whether you’re in the market for hair from India, Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, or somewhere else, you know you’ll get only the highest quality products from RIE.

When you order online, we ship your hair bundles straight from our Dallas, Texas location. Ordering is fast and easy! You can also call us at 972-295-9999 to schedule an appointment.


The hair extension industry is full of fakes. It’s uncommon to find a company that’s truly authentic. But when you work with RIE, you’re using a company that’s known for premium quality products.


Having a hard time finding a hair bundle that has it all? Look no further! RIE believes that having great hair doesn’t have to break the bank! We promise not just quality but affordability.


RIE is run by people just like you. Our leaders care about how they look. That’s why we are so passionate about developing products that enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence.

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