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Indian Hair Extension Introduction and Definition:

Indian hair extension is naturally soft, lightweight and bouncy, so the hair extensions can easily be curled and styled. Each bundle of our human hair is collected from only healthy donors, so the hair can be colored, cut, flat ironed, and curled.

Why Indian hair considered the best in some way. It is because of its light texture. Somehow Indian hair gets compared with Brazilian hair. Both are very flexible and easy to maintain. Indian hair extensions are 100% virgin Indian hair, the reason customers choose Indian hair is because of the hair length, softness, quality, and texture. For most people, this is a good choice for hair wigs and hair extensions.

Understanding the terms that consumers use to describe certain hair conditions is an important step in identifying their needs and developing products to address them. The translation of these terms into physically measurable quantities is sometimes difficult.


Indian hair is the most sought one in the global market, as they are the best quality for making wigs. Because of its shiny texture and look it has backed thousands of exporters. But the sources of Indian human hair are less in number. Nagpal 2008, there are varieties of hair based on their nature and they are Remy hair non-Remy hair, single drawn and double drawn, wavy, weft and curly hair. The single drawn is demanded more among these and is considered as the premium export quality. The major source of single drawn hair is Indian temples, where people come for tonsuring. (Jagannathan, 2011).

The fashion world demands hair extensions and wigs to have a wavy look. Chinese hair, in spite of its huge availability is not preferred because of its rough nature and so could not serve the purpose. Domestic and international models demand Indian hair in their wigs, hair extensions, and other fashion products. The market is very huge and seems to be expanding, as Indian hair looks just European. (Martins, 2011)

Indian Virgin Hair:

100 virgin Indian hair is the hair that comes from Indian, described as 100% human hair that has never been chemically processed by manufacturers chemically unprocessed means that the hair has not been dyed, bleached, or permed to change the color or texture. Textures range from silky straight to deep curly Indian hair.

Benefits of Indian Hair Extensions:

In addition to the beautiful size, India’s hair extension can be an impressive length. This makes it ideal for women with thin hair. Indian hair has a wide variety of deep black and brown tones. In addition, you can find the hair texture you choose, whether you want smooth and silky, or carefree and curly.

Indian hair extension is 100% virgin Indian hair, the reason customers choose Indian hair is because of the hair length, softness, quality, and texture. For most people this is a good choice for hair wigs and hair extensions. Indian hair is soft, airy, and can be easily flat-ironed and curled.

What hair type is Indian hair?

Indian hair is available in straight, body wave, natural wave, deep wave, curly hair types. Indian hair is highly recommended for African American women, create a beautiful wavy. Indian hair is soft, airy, and can be easily flat ironed and curled.

How long does Indian hair last. The answer is it will last for several years long since it is procured from 100% human hair. It can last anywhere from approximately (from 3 to 5 years.) It takes to the heat well. In fact, it will straighten or curl the with ease, recommended temperature is no higher than 450.

Some of the studies say that raw hair is 100% unprocessed hair collected from one donor. RIE Hair Boutique acquires its hair from north Indian and south Indian temples where the hair is carefully collected and wafted in manufacturing rooms in India. This hair is incomparable to hair from other factories.

Raw hair is defined as hair that has not been altered by steam or chemical processing in any way. With raw hair being completely unprocessed and chemical-free, raw hair is the most natural, pure, and 100% authentic hair on the market today.

The thickest hair type is 1C the coarsest and thickest of all straight hair.

Can Indian hair extension be dyed?

Actually, Indian Remy hair can be bleached and dyed, it can be bleached to light color like very light brown and blonde color. You can bleach it to dark brown and regular brown. But we suggest that you make this a trip to the hair salon. Remember only the natural color of Indian Remy hair can be bleached.

The texture of Indian hair varies from slightly wavy to deep curly. Deep curly hair is not very abundant and always short in supply. Slightly wavy to deep wavy hair texture is most abundant in natural virgin Indian hair.


  • Indian hair can be used for making fashion accessories like false hair attachment, wigs, artificial eyebrows and eyelashes, beard, and mustaches for men.
  • Apart from this, Indian hair is also used for manufacturing ropes by twisting hair fibers together, and in making artistic items for decorative purposes.
  • They are used for manufacturing mats that are woven out of human hair for gardens to prevent the plant roots from adverse weather and infection.
  • This hair is also used for cleaning up oil spills. It is proved that human hair is a very good absorbent of oil at the laboratory stage and the absorbed oil can very well be reused. NASA took a study on this in the 1990s and proved the efficiency of human hair in absorbing oil spills in industries as well.
  • L-Cysteine is an amino acid that relates to hair and nail growth. Human hair, when microbiologically treated becomes an excellent source of this L-cysteine which is generally used in the preparation of doughnuts, cookies, and other bakery items.
  • Indian hair is also a part of the preparation of Soy sauce, a major Chinese food ingredient. Till now, there are controversies running around the usage of human hair in food products. It is also strongly advised by cancer activities that consumers should stay away from such food items, as they can cause cancer.

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