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Cambodian Hair Extension Hair Texture Combination Benefits

What is Cambodian hair?

Cambodian hair Extension has a soft, fine, and luxurious texture. It is naturally gorgeous. At the same time, the hair is extremely lightweight which brings you a comfortable feeling. Its raw wig can work well with your bio hair as its texture like your real hair.

Cambodian hair holds up very well to styling. It can hold a curl well and can withstand dyes and coloring without much damage to the quality of the hair. If you are looking for hair extensions that look great, feel great, and are quite easy to maintain

Cambodian hair is more known for its luster. Cambodian hair is medium to high. This makes it blend well with the more relaxed hair of African American women.

It have appeal to black women, says Ms. Laura, an African American woman who sources the hair directly from its the point of origin in Cambodia, that she then sells in the united states and internationally. “There is a variety of patterns and it varies from straight to tightly coiled”, Ms. Laura says, adding that she stressed the variety in texture as compared to hair form other states which leads the world in exporting human hair and where the hair is often donated as a religious practice.

In Cambodia, international trade can start in the markets, where the hair is sold to international retailers from wholesale providers. The prices vary, depending upon each length and style or pattern of hair. The retailers may purchase the hair on a weft or raw loose hair in a bundle. “They put it in their suitcase and go”.

What is raw Cambodian hair?

Its raw extensions are most popular due to their coarseness, silkiness, and lightweight textures. The coarseness of this hair makes it perfect for blending with natural African American hair. Ensuring that each bundle is collected from a single door.

Why it’s best?

In order to produce the top-notch hairpieces, Ms. Laura uses the best quality of Cambodian hair. Like its name, the hair is harvested from strong donors in Cambodia and is well known for its medium luster.

This hair comes in plenty of textures (straight, curly or wavy hair). With natural hair care, women in Cambodia keep their hair strong and very smooth as well. If you use and take care of the hair carefully, it will not tangle or shed, so you can enjoy the good hair days. So “what is Cambodian virgin hair?”, why wearers are falling in love with it?” and “where to buy a its weave wholesale?

Cambodian hair texture:

Cambodian hair has a soft, and luxurious texture. It is naturally gorgeous. At the same time, the hair is extremely lightweight which brings you a comfortable feeling. The raw Cambodian hair wig can work well with your bio hair as its texture like your real hair. Raw hair means its unprocessed, no chemically treated so you can style it so that it looks closely your hair texture.

Cambodian hair pattern and durability:

Regarding Cambodian hair pattern, raw Cambodian hair tends to be light wavy. It is not as straight as hair from Vietnam and not as wavy as styled hair. It is elastic and bouncy, so curling it or straightening it is all easy to do. Furthermore, Cambodian hair is exceptionally lightweight.

One more feature that makes the customers prefer Cambodian hair is its durability. It can last from 1-3 years. if you maintain it carefully. After wearing your Cambodian hair extensions, you can be confident to go out. No once can see you are wearing extensions unless you tell them. It matches your hair well. And even they can’t believe until you let them touch your hair to check.

Benefits of Cambodian hair:

  • 100% of raw hair means it is safe to wear. All cuticles are intact and unprocessed, so you can expect good hair with minimal tangling. The hair comes in a wide range of textures: straight, wavy, curly, and others.
  • It is durable and suitable for every wearer. For example, you have curly hair bundles you worry it will lose curls some wear. However, this hair can endure the environment elements, it holds the curls well.
  • It is lightweight, so you can enjoy a comfortable feeling. You can tie it in a ponytail in daily wear. No wonder why the hair is on the top-selling product and there are more and more vendors now.

Cambodian hair bundles:

Cambodian hair weave bundles are popular among women, especially with African American ladies thanks to its outstanding texture. If you are looking for strong and elastic bundles of natural black hair, then this hair origin can’t be the better choice.

The virgin hair bundles, together with closure, are the best choice for women as they can protect the wearer’s natural hair. By combining hair bundles and lace closure piece to make a full wig, you will have a strong shelter to prevent your natural locks and scalp from damage that styling products might cause.

The only drawback of raw Cambodian hair bundles is that it is prone to tangling if you do not wash and care it in a proper way. Therefore, be meticulous when caring for your Cambodian human hairpiece.

Typically, Cambodian hair bundles range in length 8 to 32 inches. In some cases, if you want a specific length, contact a hair vendor or manufacturer for a custom length. As they are virgin hair, so the main colors are dark brown and natural off-black colors.

Cambodian hair extensions:

Cambodian hair extensions are the ideal item to add fantastic volume to your thin hair. This hair is available in different types: clip-ins, tape-ins, keratin, invisible tape-in, skin wefts, stitched tape, etc.

How to take care of Cambodian hair extensions:

  • Wash with shampoo properly.
  • Style it with heating tools.
  • Sleep with hair extension is possible. Use a silk tower to wrap the hair or tie the hair in a low ponytail when sleeping. Don’t sleep with the hair still wet.
  • After swimming or taking part in outdoor activities, wash the hair immediately to remove any dirt and sweat. Remember to wear a swim cap to protect your hair as the chlorine in the swimming pool can make the hair dry quickly.

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