Featured In Best Of Big D, 2018 D Magazine. Best Virgin Indian Hair In Dallas

Featured In Best Of Big D, 2018 D Magazine. Best Virgin Indian Hair In Dallas

Virgin Indian Hair

Raw Hair : RIE Hair Boutique was featured in the August 2018 edition, Best Of Big D, D Magazine. The article title, The Best Virgin Indian Hair Extensions in Dallas. Our luxury Indian hair extensions are directly sourced from the temples of India. You can tell that it is the real deal just by merely touching our hair bundles – feel the difference between high-quality real hair extensions versus synthetic, mass-produced bundles. This is the result of our extensive research. Each hair strand is painstakingly collected and carefully processed to ensure that our products retain their natural look and feel throughout their use. Nothing comes close to our attention to detail and dedication to bring you the best raw hair extensions in Dallas, TX , you can afford.

Though we specialize in virgin Indian hair, we also have a variety of hair types ranging from Cambodian, Burmese, Malaysian, and more. Each of our hair products comes with a certificate of authenticity to ensure quality and luxury.

What is virgin hair?

After reading this word virgin a question arises in mind that what exactly is virgin hair. It’s a common term but not so commonly heard. In simple and plain words virgin hair are just hair that hasn’t touched by any chemicals or processing, like bleaching, cutdown, dying, curly, waving, straightening, etc. It is in its natural form. The beautiful made by nature.

What is Virgin Indian hair?

Another question arises that if the term virgin hair is naturally formed hair then what is Virgin Indian hair. It is basically hair that is a virgin and belongs to India. They come from India and they are so beautiful and natural.

Standing out quality

Virgin Indian hair is special and stands out than others. Because they are taken care of differently than other hair. The women take care of them using the natural method the natural herbs and conditioner. They do not use harm to full chemicals and shampoo. They come to you in the best form. Naturally shiny and silky.

Different types of beauty

This Virgin Indian hair beauty comes in different shapes that are here to please you like:

  • Natural straight
  • Natural curly
  • Waves
  • Tight curl
  • Loose curls

They are present in any form you want your hair to look like.

Just like your own love bae approved

They are taken so good care before delivering to you. Hand sewing and hand made. When you use it you will be going for all of our collections. Virgin Indian hair will be your first and last stop. This Virgin Indian hair after using will not look different from like extensions. It will match with your hair type so discretely that it will look like your own. Your friends will ask about them even your bae will love them. And he will approve too. So they are love bae approved.

Be a Like Indian beauty

You must have seen many beautiful ladies in Tamil movie or Bollywood movies in which the female lead is dressed in beautiful dresses along with open long hair that adds charm to their beauty and they look heavenly. Virgin Indian hair is there to bring you the same experience.

Virgin Indian hair in use

Virgin Indian hair comes in different use like:

  • Clip-on
  • Tape-in
  • Full 360

This Virgin Indian hair comes in handy as you are comfortable to use.


The clip-on can be used for a shorter amount of time when going out for a small work just flip your own hair down and clip them beneath your natural hair and you are good to go.


It is best for those who want extensions for a long time and don’t want some long procedures. Just make sure you wash your original hair before taping in. And after a good wash, they are properly dry. Just tape them beneath the original and they will be attached there that no one can find them they are not your own we bet you.

Full 360

The full 360 is for those beauties who have lost hair or have few left in they can wear it and looks natural as own same rules are applied with this to wash and dry your own hair first.

Virgin Indian hair adding bounce and volume

In this stressful world hair loss is a common problem among everyone. Virgin Indian hair will add volume and bounce to your hair that is lost due to hair fall or any other reason.

Will it be damaging your natural one?

No, they are harmless as birds and will not damage your natural hair. Virgin Indian hair is special and is there to make you feel special too. So clip it on, tape it or put full-on they will not do any harm. But everything comes with a condition and the condition here is to take good care of them with your natural hair you can go days without washing them or just using dry shampoo but with this, you have to take care of them well

Taking care us easy peasy lemon squeezy

For taking care you have to follow the following steps:

  • First, remove them from your natural hair.
  • Untangle them not with hands, untangle with a comb with wide teeth and they use your regular comb and then brush.
  • Take some tap water in a tub and add some shampoo and with shampoo add some apple cider vinegar.
  • Now mix it well with hands and now dip the Virgin Indian hair in it, now gently start washing it and try to do in a way that you do not tangle them.
  • Now take them out and wash with plain water.
  • For the next step add some walnut-size conditioner on to your palm and apply it on the Virgin Indian hair.
  • After applying the conditioner wrap them in a towel and leave for five minutes.
  • You can skip the above step it’s your own choice.
  • After conditioning again wash it with tap water and pat dry with a towel.
  • Don’t be harsh and keep a good hand.
  • For best results let them air dry other than using a dryer.
  • After drying just simply comb.
  • Beautiful Rapunzel hair is there.

How long will they last?

How long Virgin Indian hair lasts depends on you. How much you take care if them and how you use them. They will last whole twelve months and will go on. But it is better to use new for health purposes. And they can fall like normal hair fall so it is better to renew it.

There are some cons too that you should know

The cons are not something that you should be worried about. But knowing each and every aspect is good for you.

Neglecting your own hair

When you are using Virgin Indian hair you often neglect your own hair because you are much into your new hair and it is natural.

Hair fall

Hair fall can be there in Indian Virgin hair because they are also hair. This falling can be annoying for some people who are not used to this problem. It is very common and nothing to worry about.

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