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Raw Hair vs Virgin Hair Extensions

When you want to get hair extensions, there are many decisions to make! You have to decide what length you want and how you would like them applied. But one of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether to get virgin hair extensions & virgin hair dallas or raw hair extensions.

If you’re an extension newbie, don’t let these terms intimidate you. We’re here to clear up the differences! Once you have a basic understanding of the two, you should be able to decide which is best for your needs.

Raw Hair Extensions

Raw hair extensions are human hair in its rawest form. It’s unprocessed, which means no chemical treatments were involved in making the extensions. Raw extensions are never dyed, permed, treated, or bleached. The hair cuticles are still intact aligned in one direction. If you want completely natural extensions, raw hair could be the way to go!

Because it is totally unprocessed, raw extensions have limited options when it comes to color and texture. You can get it straight or wavy. Sometimes you will also be able to find wavy raw hair extensions, but you definitely won’t find options like deep wave or kinky curly. Typically, raw hair feels more coarse.

With raw hair, there may be fewer styles to choose from since it is completely unmodified (not straightened or curled). Raw hair can be a little bit inconsistent from one bundle to the next. Even if you’ve purchased extensions from the same place many times, you are getting a product that is as unique as the donor whose hair it was.

No matter what kind of extensions you choose, you will have to do some maintenance. Raw hair extensions require a bit more care. Raw hair is delicate, so you have to be very careful about what products you use.


Virgin Hair Extensions

Virgin hair extensions start out just like raw hair extensions: with 100% real human hair. Also like raw hair, virgin hair extensions is not manipulated or chemically altered. However, it is steam processed. This process does not harm the hair but it does give you more options for texture like loose waves and water waves.


Because of the steaming, virgin hair is silky soft, giving it the ideal look and feel. There are far more options when it comes to styling virgin hair. Virgin hair in Dallas is even more affordable than raw hair!

The maintenance process for virgin hair is pretty simple. You don’t have to be as careful about what products you use like you do with raw hair. Just make sure to avoid products that contain sulfates or alcohol.

Virgin hair extensions are so popular because of their longevity. If you want truly high-quality extensions, these ones are the way to go! With proper care, they should last you for at least a year.

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