Recognized as the Best Hair Extensions in Dallas

Recognized as the Best Hair Extensions in Dallas

We were happy to be featured in the August 2018 issue of Best of Big D, D Magazine in the article “The Best Virgin Indian Hair Extensions in Dallas.” It was truly an honor for our luxury Indian hair extensions to be recognized in this way!

Our process is so different from other companies out there. We don’t mass-produce our bundles. We painstakingly collect each raw strand of hair. You can see and feel the difference! Our great attention to detail results in a higher quality product. With the most affordable prices, meaning that everyone can experience what it’s like to have luxury hair extensions.

Disney princess look

Wigs are very much in style now, they are in high demand, as everyone wants them and are ordering them more than hair bundles. But it’s all about preference some people still crave the bundles for sewing, Over the wigs. They are indeed best option for those who have less hair on their head or are out of option for extensions. But there is the best and trusted option in the market that is an extension. The new revolutionary product. For a pitch-perfect Disney princess look.

Extension of hair

The word extension is basically meaning extending something like adding something to already existing things. Virgin Hair – So basically you add up a piece of hair to your already existing hair. Extensions are all your choice and need, from long to short, curly, waves, and straight too. Then there is the option of Real Raw Hair, Virgin Human Hair. They are from different countries like India, Malaysia Etc. We provide the best types of hair extensions like Ringlets, Kinky hair, Virgin hair, Indian hair, Kinky curls, Wave curls, Peruvian hair, Lace front wig.

Do some research

Not all things are the same in this world, everything is different and unique in its own way. And not all hair extensions are the same, they are made of different materials and different hair from different places. Some are of good quality and some are not. When you made up your mind to buy the extension you want the best one on the market, but how to know and decide well that is easy, make a list of things you want in your extensions, do some research, and read some articles to help your self out.

Expectation vs reality

We being the caring sellers we want best for you all. So we completely understand and bring you only the best. We are the best extension shop you can find online. There are now hundreds of online shops for hair extensions to choose from, it’s human nature when we get more choices we often get confused and make the wrong decision. Buying online is always risky little game, it is good for memes only, like expectations vs reality. You don’t want to repeat the phrase this is not what I ordered.

 Not everyone is honest with their product

Not everyone is honest with their products, but we are honest in each and every step. You open our site and look for that perfect piece of hair, you fall in love with the picture, you will get that same product that is shown in the pictures.

Pure hair

Some sellers on the market get the already made hair from the distributor and it compromises the quality. Virgin Hair – What we do is we get the hair from the donor, sterilize it, and make it how we want for you. One more thing you should know that some sellers are mixing synthetic with real, upon looking you will not be able to tell the difference between the mixed and pure extensions. But you will know the difference in the way that they don’t last at all. They will lose their worth in max one or two washes, plus they look extra fake and not neat.

Not silicon coated

The hair which you see with a straight texture and extra shiny look actually they are altered. These are dipped in silicon to give that beautiful shine and straight look. With every wash, the silicone washes away and leaves you with a pile of a tangled mess. Nobody wants that. What to do then? Only buy the best. And we provide that option, by buying the Real Raw Hair or Virgin Human Hair. They are not dipped in silicon and will last long. They are not even colored or styled in any way. So after getting your hair extensions you can style them in any way you want or even color them.

Buy and match

Being the Best hair extension shop we also recommend to worry not about matching the color of your original hair with extensions, just buy the extensions in the original color and after buying dye them matching with your hair.

Easy styling

The hair extensions provided by us are very easy to style you can straight the naturally curly and after simply washing they will be back to curly.


The weight is very important in any hair extension. Make sure you buy the bundle that is sufficient in a way that covers your hair nicely that gives you a full, proper, and neat look. Our extensions are roughly about 3.0 to 3.5 oz. They are not heavy that will weigh your head and not light that will leave you unsatisfied.

Free of damage

The hair extensions are damage free. When you style your extensions you get your desired look without damaging your own hair so that’s a plus point.


Our products are affordable and within your reach. No heavy spending. No cutting on your budget.

Easy to wear

Our hair extensions are easy to wear, no long setting. You don’t need a salon to wear the extensions. Just clip on and enjoy your look.

Quality assurance

All of the hair extensions that get out of our shop go through quality assurance. And the best standards only.

Tangle free

Our hair extensions are tangle-free. They are easy to brush and easy to maintain.

Shed free

Our hair extensions are shed free this means you don’t have to worry about falling off any hair when wearing the extensions. They are so perfectly made that there will be no hair shedding.

Blend easily

From us the best hair extension shop, our extensions blend easily with your own existing hair.

That’s all about our extensions for you. Our best hair extension shop does not compromise on quality and quantity too. Virgin Hair – Because we are all into hair extensions and know what’s best for you. We are professional, well informed and kind and we enjoy helping you, giving you all intel of hair extension world. With a beautiful range to choose from and get the desired look, we will not rest until you are satisfied.

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