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You see, here at RIE Hair Boutique we know how it feels to be frustrated by purchasing hair bundles that do not offer the supposed quality and feel that is commonly marketed or advertised, we understand. Thus, we sought out a solution to this problem through our extensive research in India, and we finally struck gold. The best hair bundles and extensions can only be made possible with real virgin human hair. We are proud to say that we are one of the very few companies in the world that offer virgin, premium, high-quality hair of all types.

Real Raw Hair

Who doesn’t love long, shiny hair? But not everyone got that choice because not everyone can grow their hair long. But the market has it all. The market has it all, the gorgeous hair extensions. No matter whether you are a newbie or veteran everyone needs some information. The market is full of every kind of people, they are also fraudulent and some are really nice sellers too.


Everyone is selling according to their own wish, without thinking of their costumers. Some sellers don’t reveal the details of their product that is unjustified. But we are here to help you in every way possible. In this article, we will learn about real raw hair, the difference between real raw hair and virgin hair.

Your hair is now our responsibility

Which is best and how it is made. Everything is in this article. From A to Z. Your hair is now our responsibility. And give you the hair goals. Let’s get started.

What is real raw hair actually?

Real raw hair is 100% real hair. Details is that type if hair that is unaltered, pure, chemical-free, they are real and authentic hair on the market right now. They are not only natural looking but blend into your real hair so nicely that no one will be able to tell the difference that which is real and which are extensions.

Naturally aligned

Real raw hair is naturally aligned because the cuticles are attached with the hair they are, untangled and neat in a natural way.

Same hair bundle

The extension of the real raw hair is a bundle of the same hair. They are not from different people. All the hair are the same.

Different extension of different hair

As they are the same hair in a single bundle so all the bundles will be different from each other. So you will be getting different hair in every extension.

No chemical only sterilization

As real raw hair is different from virgin hair and they are not altered in any way. Chemically or steamed in any way to look beautiful, which means they are raw and real in every way possible. But to make sure the best thing get to you, they are sterilized and cleaned so you can get the real beauty.

Single donor

The hair which forms a single bundle is from a single donor which means they will not be the same. But they will give you a fuller, longer, and beautiful looking hair.

Best for any kind of style

They are best in any way you want to style them.

Basic types

They are found in three basic types, as they are natural so they come in natural ways. Wavy, curly, and straight.

Not sleek looking hair

The hair is not sleek looking because they are not altered in any way. So if they are straight they are with natural-looking straight. And they are naturally smooth not faked. They are coarser.

Last longing

Real raw hair is the last longing because they are safe from any kind of alterations and they can take more washed and styling than virgin hair even.

Different types of real raw hair

There are different types of real raw hair. Like Indian, Vietnamese and Cambodian.

All these types are most wanted by buyers and they are liked.

Now you all know about real raw hair let’s have a look at the virgin vs real raw hair.

Virgin vs real raw hair

As we have discussed the virgin hair and know the detail if you haven’t read about that read that in the article TODAYS SOLUTION REAL HUMAN VIRGIN HAIR. Let’s get started virgin hair is also safe from chemicals but they can be pressured or steamed to make them look neat and nice. Whereas real raw hair other than sterilization they don’t go through anything at all.


Virgin hair can be from multiple donors, real raw hair are from the same donor. And they are different in each bundle.

Cut vs cuticles

Let’s talk about another important thing, Virgin hair can be cut from the donor and made into bundles and extensions. Whereas the real raw hair is not even cut they are in a natural way as possible with attached cuticles, so they will give you a neat look. They tangle less and break less too.

Uniformed look

Virgin hair is streamed to make a more uniform look, a uniform wave or curl. Real raw hair is not even steamed so there are no uniform curls or waves.

Different price wise

As both are human real hair extensions still they differ. As real raw hair is as close to nature as possible so they are expensive than the virgin hair but not so different. Real raw hair is the highest quality of human hair extensions. And human virgin hair extensions are the second highest quality hair extensions out there in the market.


Virgin human hair is available in the market any time, but with real raw hair as they are from the same donor so you have to wait for another batch, for like a month or two.

Different care

Taking care of both hair extension type is important. As important as it is they are also different too. There are some products that are only for real raw hair and only for that, if you don’t use them correctly you can damage the hair quality sooner than you can imagine. Virgin hair doesn’t need that much of specific hair products and will not be affected by the products that can harm the real raw hair. So they are a little easy to maintain than real raw hair.

With our detailed writing about real raw hair, its care about how to handle what to buy, and a guide on the difference between real raw hair and human virgin hair, now it is easy for you to make the right choice and make up your mind. If you need more help check out our other blogs. Now get reading and start making your mind about the extension you want to buy.

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