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Types of Hair Extensions

Types of Hair Extensions – Everyone loves their hair, and we love you. So we care for you. We want you to be happy and satisfied because that’s who we are. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We provide the real and good quality hair extensions just like your own hair. They are perfectly beautiful and natural, yes 100% natural. In the market, there are different frauds who, claim to be selling the virgin hair but are not. Actually it is processed in a factory and created at a mass level without thinking of beloved costumers. As they are machine-made and not man-made. As the machine is instructed, it follows without taking much care about damaging the hair and its quality.

Here you will get what you see. A good quality product for our valued customer. We are providing a vast range of hair extensions and that is 100% real. No synthetic hair is added. Some people are doing such things that they are mixing the real and synthetic hair in single pieces. So they damaged sooner.

Here at our shop, we are providing the best extensions with 100% real and virgin hair. We are providing the following types:

  • Ringlets
  • Bounce curls
  • Kinky hair
  • Virgin hair
  • Indian hair
  • Kinky curls
  • Wave curls
  • Peruvian hair
  • Lace front wig



This is a beautiful natural beauty, with curls in the shape of a corkscrew or just curls in the form of rings. Some times they are also known as princess curls. The desired curls are made using a hot curling iron, by wrapping the curling iron up to the length of the rod. But that damages the lifespan of extension so what we do is we use natural ringlets. Or they are made using high-pressure natural steamer without causing any damage. Using steamer without touching the hair, still makes the hair virgin hair.

Bounce curls

The body is one of the most desirable things in a human and so does the hair.  The desire to have hair with the body is expressed frequently, and universally, by consumers who are always searching for a product that delivers on this promise.

Understanding the terms that consumers use to describe certain hair conditions is an important step in identifying their needs and developing products to address them. The translation of these terms into physically measurable quantities is sometimes difficult.

Bounce curl is also known as S-shaped curls spring back and give your hairstyle a real bounce.

Kinky hair

Beautiful natural Afro hair. It a very good product in our collection. In this time when trying new things is the new staying in fashion so trying the dreadlocks, cornrows are also supporting the kinky coils. This beautiful hair extension is natural coils like structure if hair and are clip in hair extensions. Best for trying out a new things, a new look for you.

Virgin hair

Being a hair lover you often have heard the term virgin hair. But what does it mean? Virgin hair is something we all have when we were born. They are 100% natural hair. Untouched of chemicals, dyes, and any other harsh chemical treatment. If you have any kind of natural color in your hair like if you are redhead, a natural blonde, they are still considered virgin hair. Types of Hair Extensions – Virgin hair is so nice to be worked on if you want to because they are all-natural form. Mass production of hair is never virgin hair because it is treated with heat and other chemical processing to make it shiny. Our virgin hair extensions are real and if they come with coils, curls they are real. You get what you see and they are natural.

Indian hair

Indian hair extensions are one hundred percent natural Indian human hair. Mostly the Indian hair extensions are virgin hair. Meaning they are not chemically changed in any way. Not curled, not straight, not dyed of any kind by the creators. They are very light, bouncy, easy to take care of, and less likely to lose their shape. The hair in India is taken care of by using natural products. They don’t harm them by using chemical shampoos or conditioners. They use natural nice smelling herbs and conditioner to make the hair beautiful and shiny. So if you want to have natural beauty you should go for this Indiana virgin hair extensions.

Kinky curls

Bold looking, natural volume. This Z-shaped luxurious looking hair extension is beauty in its own self. You must have seen some beautiful Instagram influencers with kinky curls and they look beautiful. They come in different lengths depending on your demand. Short to long and even shoulder length. They all look heavenly. Here they are also natural and not processed. Other companies are using products to make normal hair into kinky curls. But with the matter of time, the curls loosen up and lost its shape. But we are using naturally found kinky curls they will not lose their shape of change in any way so it is the best choice.

Wave curls

Want to look like Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Sarah Jessica Parker? Want to have their wave curls. Then don’t worry cause we got you covered with our wave curls collection. Get your desired hair look of beach waves. No matter what your hair type is, just match the color and put some extensions on. Wave curls are natural beach waves that will look breathtaking on you. Don’t need any styling or processing. They look classy and casual too. This is the best option for daily use.

Peruvian hair

From mountain beauty to your home. Peruvian hair is shiny, silky, slightly wavy. The benefit of Peruvian hair is that they are perfectly black and beautiful colored and that is natural. Another great benefit is that it is lightweight but still providing the required volume and fullness of the hair. Giving you a completely natural look. They are so nice that you feel like they are your own.

Lace front wig

With celebrities trying new wigs, it is the best solution to avoiding heat, chemicals, and harsh styling to your hair. Not only celebrities most people are choosing this method. Extensions are great to add volume and texture but for the whole headpiece, a wig is the best option. It comes in many types and one of them is a lace front wig. It’s a wig with lace attached at the front. A little different than ready-made wigs, which are made in a manner of one size fits all. Lace front wigs are with a closing, sewed on the crown area of the head. They can be parted one or two ways, from the scalp area.

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