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Why Buy Indian Cuticle Intact Hair Extensions?

As you explore the marketplace of hair extensions, you may notice that many do not mention being Remy, or having the cuticle intact or aligned. Ideally, you should only purchase virgin hair online that is guaranteed to have the cuticles running in the same direction.

At RIE Hair Boutique, we believe in quality above all else. This is the reason we are extremely selective about our products and offer the finest Human hair extensions, Cuticle hair, Natural hair, Raw Cambodian hair, and Virgin Indian hair extensions. Instead of taking chances, place all your orders from our Dallas, Texas, based company. We’ll ship your cuticle-intact, unprocessed hair extensions and bundles right to your door. Plus, we’re always thrilled to answer any questions you may have!


What are the advantages of buying cuticle-intact Indian hair extensions and hair bundles?

Suppleness: When all the cuticles are running in the same direction, the hair is less likely to snag or tangle. Check out our videos of us running our fingers through the hair extensions we offer! Without any kind of treatment, truly cuticle-intact Indian hair extensions are incredibly silky. Never worry again about purchasing hair extensions that don’t live up to your expectations.

Flexibility: we supply are strong and flexible. Because they are 100 percent human hair, they have an authentic look and strength to them. Plus, Indian hair tends to be thicker than many other types of hair without being brittle. As long as you take care of your cuticle-intact hair extensions, they will take care of you and your preferred look!

Purity: The only way to get this hair extensions is to shave and gather the hair in a specific way. This enables you to get extraordinarily pure hair that is from the same scalp. Not only are all the cuticles in alignment, but all the hairs are compatible genetically in each hair extension. The hair cannot just be “swept up” from the floor of a temple or hair shop.

Versatility: With non-human hair extensions, poorly-sourced hair extensions or hair extensions that include animal and human hair, you never know what will happen when you try to wash, dry and/or style it. However, with cuticle-intact Raw Indian hair, you know that you can always treat it. From dying it to creating elaborate up-dos, you can feel secure that your hair will perform exactly as expected with no surprises!

Join the many women across the country who couldn’t dream of working with anything but real cuticle-intact virgin Indian hair extensions. We offer hair extensions in a variety of styles, shades, and length. No matter what look you’re trying to achieve, RIE Hair Boutique in Dallas, Texas is ready to be the secret to your styling success!

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