You can now enjoy the luxurious RIE Hair Boutique, Human Hair!
We guarantee 100% Indian Human Hair that is pure and beautiful.


SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: It is important to keep your RIE Hair Boutique Human Hair clean and conditioned. Hair should be shampooed weekly using warm water. Be sure to use a conditioner after every shampoo, then using cold water in your final rinse. When shampooing, it is easier to hold your hair under the water so that the ends a laying in their natural direction. This will prevent wefted hair from tangling. No leave-in moisturizer needed.

Start at the top (near the scalp) and gently squeeze the hair downward. DO NOT wring, rub or twist the hair in opposite directions. Follow with conditioner. Rinse hair thoroughly.

HEATING: Excessive heating (with a blow dryer or flat iron) is not recommended. For best results… Air drying is highly recommended, brush into desired style only after hair has completely dried. It will preserve the natural texture and strength of the hair much longer.

COMBING: Please be gentle when combing your RIE Hair Boutique Human Hair. It is best to use a wide tooth comb or (weave brush) in order to protect the weft. You should start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Best practice is to not comb or brush wet hair in general, as this sometimes can cause any hair to stretch, which can cause breakage.

COLORING: RIE Hair Boutique Human Hair should be colored only by a certified professional using the highest grade coloring products. Please advise your stylist NOT to microwave your hair extensions. Microwaving the hair after color treatment, can cause a molecular change to hair due to microwave…It can melt the threads of the weft or hair base, as a result causing a catastrophic breakdown of the structure and can cause hair to shed.

SWIMMERS: When you swim in a pool, your hair is exposed to chemicals. It is very important that you wash and condition your hair immediately after swimming. Allow your natural hair an RIE Hair Boutique Human Hair to dry completely.

BEDTIME: Make sure your hair is completely dry, before going to bed. You should NEVER sleep on loose, wet hair. We recommend that you sleep with a silk scarf on your head. Braiding the hair in two to three bundles before bed is also a great idea for both wavy and curly hair.

SPECIAL NOTE: RIE Hair Boutique Human Hair, does NOT need to be co-washed prior to installation, it has already been sanitized and thoroughly cleaned upon inspection through our quality control specialist. If you choose to wash, please make sure the hair is completely dry prior to installation.

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