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You'll love our Cambodian slight wave human hair lace wigs. Meet your new best friend Celeste, your all purpose virgin hair wig, by RIE Hair Boutique.


Growing long hair is not for everyone

Hey beautiful, yes we are talking to you anyone reading this article you all are beautiful inside and out. Hair is something that adds more beauty to any women’s look. Growing long hair or straight silky hair is not in everyone’s genes.

Be a celeb of your own

Everyone wants to look their best, celebs are ideal for many people today. Following them on Instagram, trying to look like them. It’s nothing weird or bad but natural instinct that we often try to look like the person we admire the most. So in order to get that perfect look, we all need something added and that is a wig. This is popular and demanded in the market. With many options out there it can be very confusing and stressful. But with the right guidance, you can get exactly what you had in your mind.

Virgin hair wig

Our take on Virgin hair and what is actually Virgin hair means let’s get started with a new discussion about Virgin hair wig. Virgin hair is a type of hair that is not changed in any way, but it can be styled using any steamer so in a way they are untouched by humans. They are nonremy hair, non Remy hair is from different donors they are not from same and hair are not in the same direction they are in different directions so they can be a little tangled. So the wigs made with this is virgin hair wig and is very nice for first-time users.

Beautiful Cambodian Hair

Cambodian human hair lace wigs are the product of Cambodian hair donors. Cambodian women are famous for their long hair that can be if two types, thick and coarser and the other one is silky and light, both are best in their own way. The Cambodian human hair lace wigs are made with the only the finest quality, as they are not raw, they are virgin hair so they can be in different directions and can cause a little bit of tangling, that is just minor. When you decided to buy Cambodian human hair lace wigs make sure they are the same as they are telling. So you are buying what you are looking for. Many sellers claim to be selling the real Cambodian human hair lace wigs, but they are not real and authentic Cambodian human hair lace wigs. They come in all-natural types, lose curls, natural straight, or natural waves. For the wigs they are made up of lace that cover the whole headpiece of the wig. They are sanitized and germ-free.


They are best for colouring and any kind of styling, as they are shed free and will give a good volume to hair. But for keeping them good for a long time we recommend not to bleach them, as it is a very strong chemical and can damage the real human hair. So styling with in the limit is best. So it’s a quick guide to you, so happy shopping to you.