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Burmese curly wig, this curly full lace wig is 250 Density. The curls are soft and luxurious, bouncy and full of life at RIE Hair Boutique.


A wig that compliments your look

Who says hairs have to be boring. You can style them in any way you want. Without touching even an inch of your own. Hair extensions are not a new thing but wigs get their own new place. Because they give you a lot more options to style without anything happening to your own natural hair. And it’s a gift for those women who are in love with long hair but possibly have some trouble with hair growth, or the ones with long hair and want to try short ones but are afraid to take that huge step. Trying the wigs with shorter length will give you more confidence because you know that if at any point you are less satisfied you can go back to your old hair without regretting the decision.

There are different options out there

Talking about different options out there of wigs, we only talk and give the best of the best. That compliment your personality and your look without feeling odd about the use of a wig. With options in the market like Cambodian human hair lace wigs, raw Malaysian hair wig, raw human hair wig, Indian temple hair wig,  they are a great option. To learn more you can read about them, in our other articles, and if you are a fan of extensions we got that topic covered too, just give it a read.

Burmese beauty

Let’s take a tour to beautiful Burmese wigs, they come from beautiful hair donor in Burma. Burmese hair is naturally fuller-looking and natural patterned. Burmese hair wigs come in curly, waves or straight looks.

All about them

The one we are talking about here is Burmese curly wigs. These wigs are raw Burmese curly wigs as they hold the natural curls. They look breathtaking and beautiful. They weigh about 3.0 to 3.5 oz and length is about 12 inches. If you want to give them a hair cut it can be done and if you get bored with the curls just straight them and straightening is easier than curls and after just giving them simple wash the straight will turn into natural curls again, yes that’s right that is the true beauty of this wig. They come in natural black and natural brown colour and my dear friend if you find Burmese curly wig in blond or any other colour it is definitely not raw or even virgin because Burmese women don’t own blond colour.

It comes with a full lace

This Burmese curly wig comes in full lace. This covers the whole head and it is an easily breathable wig. So your scalp is healthy and breathing. This is for best coverage as it covers the whole head it can be done either with adhesive glue or with simple sewing, both choices are up to you and your own choice.  So decide by your self and your preference. Burmese curly wig is a great deal on your hand. Curly in its natural way and straight them whenever you want. Now enjoy shopping.