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The Simone, want a little bang in your life, try this raw human hair wig by RIE Hair Boutique, made with Indian Temple Hair extensions


Precious hair

Who says that slays starts at the salon, it doesn’t have to be this way. It can happen at your own home without spending loads of money. Yes, that’s right you heard us. Just decide what you really want and go for the best hair wig option in the market, We know you will love us, We are the hair you love to wear. It is said that diamonds are women’s best friends, but we think hair are women’s best friends. Because they are responsible for enhancing your look.

Want to know about temple hair?

Have you ever heard the term Indian Temple hair? No? Don’t worry we will take you go through it all the, from where it comes and what kind of hair are these and how they get to you. So let's buckle up your seat belt because we are going to the tour in India.

Indian temple hair is from the temple in India where women donate their hair and it has been happening from hundreds of years.

Raw temple hair

So the hair collected at the temple is the best and pure kind of hair because they come from ladies that love their hair and it is all about love for god. The hairs are collected and taken away to later sell them to the manufacturers. They take it and preserve it in their own way. Some of the hair can be raw human hair or virgin human hair. Let us break it for you, most of them are virgin human hair because the donation is at a large number and it is hard some times to make sure that the hair. The bundle is from the same donor. But in some cases, they can be Raw human hair. They are from a single donor and taken care at the exact same time when donated.

Raw human hair is unaltered in any way they collected at the temple tied into a bundle and taken to directly manufacturers. Untouched by chemicals. They are just washed just to make sure they are clean and sanitary. After a thorough wash, they are air-dried. And the manufacturers pay the money that money is collected and used in charity work.

So we are pretty sure you are now known what is Indian Temple hair and their wigs are the finest one. They are pure, beautiful, shiny and straight or curly in its own way. They are much better than any other type provided in the market. So if you are buying these Indian temple hair you are being blessed and a helping hand in charity.