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Innovative And Convenient Tape-Ins

These taps are easy to remove and harmless. The taps used by the RIE hair boutique is of high quality and reusable. Its premium quality increases its worth. The look and feels of these extensions are very natural.RIE hair boutique brings innovative and convenient products to its users. Taps in the extension are the newest hair extension and getting popularity within no time. It adjusted with the hair like a sandwich and easily blended with the original hair.

It can easily wash with your natural hair or you can wash it separately with the sulfate-free products. The mild conditioner should be applied from the top to the bottom. Let it dry before using it.

There is no need to pull these taps in for removal you can easily take it out. This will harm your hair. It can easily clean and washed with this new tape. It is better to give time to these taps in to remove and never pull on these extensions.

This taps in gives you natural-looking hair, voluminous and long hair in less than an hour and no one can guess that you applied for an extension in your hair but everybody notices the difference.

RIE specially designed these taps thin and soft and it does not weight the hair. Our ladies with Thin and fragile hair these taps extensions are especially recommended for them. It surprisingly works very well.

It is made of 100% natural human hair and assembled according to the specification of our pretty clients so they can best product to enhance their beauty and charm.

Some important tips should be considered while applying for this extension. Avoid using conditioner when using it the first time. Apply shampoo at least after 72 hours of first attachment of this extension and also don’t apply conditioner too near to tape attachment.

Avoid the use of a hairdryer and let it dry normally and the towel should be used gently. When sleeping put the cap on a ponytail to avoid knotting and tangling.

It can easily dye in any other color of the client’s choice but it’s better to take one piece of hair before the application to all hair.