RIE Raw Signature Curl

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Weren’t born with naturally curly hair? No one will know when you buy curly virgin Indian hair bundles and extensions from your premiere, direct source supplier, RIE hair Boutique.

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RIE Raw Signature Curl

Hair extension is getting attention with time. Almost every female wants to change her innate look. Curly hair looks are more versatile than others due to many reasons as according to research that curly-haired people's hairstyle is more flexible than straight-haired people. This kind of hair represents a fun-loving and warm-hearted personality.

You can also get that personality look as RIE presents this Raw Signature Curl hair extension to you. These are great and easy to use. This curly extension is 100% pure Indian virgin hair and can be dyed in any color and flat ironed whenever you want to change the style.

This extension is free from splint ends and gives the impact of thick dark hair which creates the ravishing look.

This curly signature hair extension is clean, soft, tangled free, no smell, silky and nice tight curls. RIE always presents the best quality at a reasonable price and it never compromises on quality.

This curly extension is the best extension and maintains its curl even after doing the special comb and can be long-lasting if taking proper care of it.

Hair clips of this good curly extension make it very easy to style it. Hair clips along with lace protect the scalp and enhance the durability of extension. This extension would not fall out easily and exhibit a natural look. Clips are easily removed and replaced according to the length of your hair.

RIE signature curly hair extension can be used personally and professionally as well. Both usages will exceed the expectation of customers and enhance the urge of reusing it. This signature curl extension easily blended with the natural hair and presents the real look of attractive hair. You can easily make any hairstyle with this amazing hair extension.

The important things you have to consider while using this RIE Raw Signature curl (double drawn) hair extension that this is as tender as human hair can be without getting nourishment from the scalp. For this amazing result avoid using improper shampoo and conditioner particularly products that contain sulfate. Do not frequently use heating tools, dyeing and heavily styling.