Cambodian Slight Wave

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RIE Hair Boutique imported these hair bundles from Cambodia which are a soft and free tangle. Our Cambodian Virgin hair is available in lengths ranging from 12” to 22” and is also offered in rich, virgin hair color. Our goal is to provide you the best quality wigs with easy handling.

As compared to Burmese and Indian hair, Cambodian hair tends to be more sequence in reliability, which makes it the best for blending with relaxed African American hair. Cambodian hair grips up very well to styling and designing. It can hold a wave well and can withstand dyes and coloring without much damage to the quality of the hair.


Cambodian Slight Wave

RIE hair boutique presents this extremely soft, comfortable and shiny extension to those ladies who love to have curly hair as their natural hair look. Now it’s not a big deal. This easy to use extension can be worn by each pretty lady. No one can know this secret but only  give the compliments.
This extension is made of young girl donors and does not have any type of fibers or any other material in it at all. It is 100% real human hair and is one collection of the same pattern. Directly sourced from Cambodia the country of it’s origin in it’s natural color from each donor.

This hair is very full and has a lot of volume to give you the youthful look desired. Its double weft is neat, tight and clean which avoids shedding.

RIE boutique gives importance and special attention to client preferred styles and types of hair. This extension can be easily restyled as per their choice. Cuticles are aligned with the length of hair.

Changing hair color can increase the confidence and refresh the mood so any color can be applied to this Cambodian wavy hair extension. The color first applies to a small sample of hair to find out the actual shade of hair.

Some important caring tips can make this Cambodian extension long-lasting splendid and just a little care enhances the usability of it. It is already easily managed and brush should be used when it is dry or half wet.

Enjoy swimming without a cap, absolutely no damage will be caused by chlorine water. After swimming, the extension should be washed in the lukewarm water with the sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Let it dry without using any heating tools and comb would also be recommended in half wet condition or full dry state.

Its curls are simply surprising and maintained without effort. It curls properly back to it’s original state when it is wet. After doing comb or moving fingers in it, it will not change its texture.

RIE hair boutique always stretched the hair to the full length for measuring before delivering to store or clients to ensure the proper length and weight to get refined quality products.

This extension is pure human hair and needs all these hair care tips. If proper care would be done it can be used for so many years.