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Looking for a way to get the volume and length you want from your preferred hairstyle? Craving a new look but don’t have the type of hair to bring it to life? Let RIE hair Boutique help by purchasing straight or wavy Malaysian virgin hair extension. Its length varies from 12’’ to 22’’.


RIE hair boutique

RIE hair boutique has many years of experience in this hair extension field and better knows the expectations and demands of its clients. It only deals with the 100% natural human hair retrieved directly from the country of it’s origin. These extensions are pure and completely chemical free, absolutely no other material other than raw and virgin hair.

Double drawn is a bundle of hair that is equal to length from the top to bottom and does not include any short length of hair. Our boutique always works hard with our skilled Malaysian team to provide the premium quality to our customers.

This raw Malaysian wavy straight (Double drawn) hair extension is consistently thick and has an natural black color. It is perfect for that client who wants that smooth silky straight look.

This raw hair extension consist of healthy and strong hair it is very sleek and beautiful. It has the desired volume for the ladies who want to get that more full long haired look. If that’s the style you want you won’t be disappointed.

The natural luster on the hair is absolutely amazing. Daily wide tooth comb on it maintains its smoothness and it’s better to use a good weave brush. Combing or brushing should be started from the bottom of the ends of the hair up towards the weft,

It’s easily managed  and maintained, this wavy straight extension can be worn in just about any style, although it tends to return to it’s original pattern, which is straight.

Cuticles are fully aligned with this Malaysian hair extension, so all the cuticles are going in the same direction, making the hair bundle very tamed and manageable.

RIE hair boutique takes great steps to provide a superior product to deliver to all of it’s customer’s, by personally going to each and every country that they source all of their hair from for proper inspection. These hard work is all done to provide you the magnificent extensions to enhance the beauty and charm of your personality.

Our respected clients can alter this extension by giving it any other color of their choice. We advise all color treating be done by a licensed professional hairstylist.

Sulfate-free products can be used to wash this extension. Conditioner should be used to maintain its smooth texture.

This extension can easily be used for three to five years with proper care, it can increase its usability for more years giving you more bang for your buck.