Water Wave

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RIE Hair Boutique’s offer curls of water wave hair bundles, they are not in one direction and carries a lot of volumes. Water wave hairstyle is similar to African American hairstyles, so it can blend very well with their own hair. These are 100% real human virgin hair which is tangle free, no shedding and long lasting.

Water wave bundle’s length varies from 14’’ to 24’’ and also available in rich virgin hair dye. It has many colors depending on the donor. They can easily bleach, wash and do any type of styling. RIE Hair Boutique’s goal is to provide client care and satisfaction without any difficulty.


Water Wave

Deep wave and water wave has almost the same patterns but some difference makes them separate with each other. Curl in the water wave is in the opposite direction and has a lot of volumes.

This hair extension is similar to the African American style so that it can easily adjustable with its hair. People who want more volume in their hair can also try this amazing water wave extension. Water wave hair has little loose curl which makes it more bouncy.

RIE presents this lush and carefree waves of extension to our mesmerizing clients. After wearing this extension anyone can easily rock not in your parties but also in your office as well. This curl represents the personality of a determined and energetic lady.

RIE hair boutique works hard to provide the premium quality of extension. This extension is made of the hair of young donors. These donors have healthy and shiny hair. These extensions do not have spilt ends and can easily trim to give even more healthy ends.

The exquisite handmade double weft makes this extension shedding free. It can be easily worn with the help of thinner weft as well and does not harm the scalp.

You can easily straighten this curly extension any time. After doing this styling method use proper comb to make it smooth and straight. This water wave extension is always grabbing the attention and it exhibits youth, passion, beauty, and vitality.

RIE hair boutique has a skilled team who busy in investigation and market research to complete the diverse requirements of its elegant products. It always stretched the hair to the actual measurement and selects the high-quality hair. This investigation makes sure that all the extension is 100% unprocessed human hair without any chemical.

Its natural black or brown color can allow the best result of any other color through the dye. Expert services in this regard are preferable.

Proper washing of this extension should be done through sulfate-free products. Let it air dry naturally, by towel or blow dry. The surprising factor of this extension is that it maintains its curl when it’s wet, also after flat ironing it will return to it’s natural curl pattern when later washed. The comb should be done on this extension when it is half wet.