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Purchase Curly Indian Virgin Hair Extensions

When you want incredible luster out of a curly hair extension, you absolutely want natural curly Indian hair extensions.

At RIEhairboutique, our deep, curly hair extensions are 100 percent Indian virgin hair. This allows you to get superior function, feel and quality from a sought-after product. Because Indian curly hair is completely human and derived from the local temples in India, you can treat it like your natural hair. Style it, shampoo it and love it up.

Order as many Indian curly hair bundles as you need online from our Dallas, TX-based site, and have them delivered to your home or shop.

Give Yourself Luxury With Virgin Indian Curly Hair Extensions

What makes one hair extension different from another? In the case of virgin Indian curly hair extensions, there are several answers.

First, some hair extensions are constructed from hairs going in different directions. In many cases, these were hairs picked up off temple and hair shop floors in India, as well as collected in brushes and removed. Although the hair may be Indian, the cuticles go in the wrong direction. When the cuticles get mixed up, the hair will inevitably tangle and be difficult to style. You obtain truly virgin hair by collecting it still on the scalp into one bundle. This ensures alignment of all cuticles and means easier styling for whoever buys it.

The next difference between RIEhairboutique extensions and others is ours contain all human hair. We never add synthetic or animal hair, nor do we supplement Indian hair with hair from people in other countries. You can feel and see how unique Indian curly hair extensions are as soon as you take them out of the packaging.

The final difference is cost. Are true Indian curly hair bundles going to cost a bit more than the hair extensions you find in other places? Yes. However, this is to be expected if you are going to invest in the best product possible for your hair. Plus, our Indian hair virgin extensions will last and last:

  • Shampooing and styling will never destroy virgin Indian hair extensions.
  • You can even color them.
  • Subpar, poorly constructed hair extensions will need to be replaced over and over, costing you much more in the long run.

Delight in Our Indian Curly Virgin Hair Bundles

Give your hair and personal style a treat that will make you stand out for all the right reasons. Order your supply of hair extensions made from curly virgin Indian hair by contacting us right now. You’re just a few clicks away from having the curly hair you crave and will love. We can’t wait to hear how much you adore your tresses.