//Difference Between Remy and Virgin Hair Extensions

Difference Between Remy and Virgin Hair Extensions

When you’re getting hair extensions, you want to make sure they are healthy, clean and durable.

Hair extensions should be natural and manageable. That way, they blend flawlessly into your hair and give it a revitalized volume, shape and texture. Manageable hair extensions should be able to withstand multiple washes, brushing and styling.

You want your hair extensions to come from reliable and knowledgeable people who know where their hair is coming from and get the highest quality.

There are many types of hair to choose from, and suppliers often mention Remy and virgin hair extensions.

When you look for hair extensions, make sure you see both of these terms and that they’re coming from a reputable source.

Virgin hair is the best hair extension quality you can get. This hair extension comes from single human donors, so your bundles are even, strong and will last you a long time without losing the quality.

Virgin Hair Extensions

People often mention Remy hair and virgin hair together. These two terms are not synonymous, so it is important that you know the differences when you look for hair extension bundles. They cover two different but significant aspects that will make your hair extensions strong, healthy and gorgeous.

Virgin hair is unprocessed and natural. It’s never been chemically processed or manipulated in any way. Hair donors have never curled, bleached, steamed or colored their hair, so the extensions are healthier and last longer.

Chemical processes or manipulations lead to damaged and unhealthy cuticles. This leads to damage like the hair tangling in knots or breaking off. Virgin hair cuticles are stronger than non-virgin hair cuticles, and the hair doesn’t tangle as easily as non-virgin hair. The natural color of virgin hair is more vibrant and retains its glossy texture after you’ve washed it a few times.;

You need to maintain your hair to keep it healthy, but you don’t have to go above and beyond in different products and methods for virgin hair. Regular washes with shampoo and conditioner will help keep your virgin hair looking and feeling beautiful.

Remy Hair Extensions

Remy hair is one of the top methods of collecting hair for hair extension bundles. Like virgin hair extensions, the hair is gathered so the cuticles are aligned, and they stay next to the original neighboring hairs. The roots of the hair are on one end, and the bottom of the hair is on the other. Everything is even and kept in its natural state. When hair gets mixed with other types of hair or when the cuticles and ends of the hair aren’t flowing in the same direction, it can become damaged and will break more easily. Remy hair is also premium extension, and it will look healthier than any synthetic hair products. Although a Remy requirement is to not alter the product chemically, Remy hair might have undergone other hair softening procedures, such as steaming.

Benefits of Remy Hair

You’ll tell the difference between a Remy and non-Remy hair extensions because of how much longer Remy extensions last and their overall superior look.

  • Hair Quality: A professional bundles the hair so the cuticles are kept in their original state as much as possible. No one adds more hair to the bundle. Remy hair is much softer and silkier than other extensions because the process doesn’t require any chemical processes or extra treatments.
  • Durability: Remy hair is stronger and lasts longer because it comes from a single donor. Before someone cuts the hair, they bundle it into sections. Many women face the issue of buying extensions that fall apart after a few shampoos, but Remy hair can last up to a year with proper maintenance.
  • Texture: Remy hair extensions have the same texture and length and will give your hair a more natural look. Styling Remy hair is a simpler process because you’re only working with one type of hair.



Non-Remy Hair

Non-Remy hair is mainly recycled hair put together in one bundle. The process isn’t as meticulous as it is for Remy hair. It can be leftover from the salons where people gathered other hair samples. They’re from multiple donors, so they’re not as uniform as Remy hair.

  • Shorter Lifespan: The cuticles and ends of the hair aren’t matched, so the hair is less healthy. When brushing, the hair will easily break off and diminish the overall fullness and look of the hair extension. It won’t last as long as Remy hair or equal its vibrant, healthy appearance.
  • Uneven: Non-Remy hair can vary in hair length. Short and long hairs are combined, and there isn’t a way to balance out the look. This can lead to hair that is hard to style because there’s no uniform length in the extension.
  • Damage: When different types and lengths of hair are in the same bundle, they’re more susceptible to breaking and tangling. This will drastically reduce the lifespan and make the extension look unkempt. Styling becomes more difficult with non-Remy hair because you can’t be sure how the different types of hair will react to heat or dye.

Sellers will add layers of silicone to non-Remy bundles to make them look shiny and natural. This will remain for a few washes, but after that, the hair will damage easily and start to tangle and the extension will be full of matted hair. Poor quality hair extensions will then start to fall apart and become completely unmanageable.

When can hair be classified as Remy and Virgin?

Hair has to meet the criteria for each term. Although remy hair comes from a single donor and cuticles have been aligned, there is a possibility the hair has gone through a steaming process, while virgin hair has not. Many people refer to remy virgin hair when all of the cuticles match up, and the hair has never undergone a process that would change or affect it.

Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can come from different sources and comes in various cuts. Some are higher quality than others and certain kinds will last longer for you.

  • Yaky Hair: This type of hair is made to look like African-American hair. It’s usually thicker and not as soft as Remy or virgin hair.
  • European: This kind of hair varies in color from different shades of blonde to brown. The consistency is thinner and smoother than the other types of hair.
  • Brazilian, Peruvian, Chinese, Italian: These hair bundles are usually from single donors, which would help classify them as premium hair. The hair is natural and typically a dark color.
  • Indian: When Indian hair is virgin or even Remy, it’s one of the silkiest and strongest types of hair for extensions. Indian hair comes from temples of India in a careful process designed to preserve the hair quality as much as possible.

The donors first have their hair bundled into manageable sections. Then, all of their hair is shaved. Bundling the hair first ensures that the cuticles are all facing the same direction. No hair can be gathered from the floor or added because of the bundled sections. This process preserves hair quality for strength and shine.

Do not Settle for Remy if you can have Virgin Indian Hair

At RIEHair Boutique, we have virgin Indian hair extensions that last are smooth, untangled, and will last a long time.

There are many benefits to getting virgin Indian hair extensions. The combination of even cuticles, natural and strong hair makes for gorgeous extensions that you’ll love.

  • Stable: Our extensions stay together because the hair cuticles run in the same direction. The cuticles are also intact because they were bundled and then cut away from the donor. They are less likely to snag and form knots, which could ruin your extension.
  • Thick: Indian hair tends to be thicker than other styles. It’s less brittle and can easily maintain strength when you wash it on a regular basis. The extensions are flexible and won’t break when you brush them or if you’re constantly putting your hair up in buns or ponytails.
  • Natural: These extensions are Remy, so you have 100% pure human hair from one donor. There’s a careful process to make sure the cuticles are all facing the same way. The hair extensions will react in the same way to whatever you do with it.
  • Style: If your hair extensions aren’t Remy or virgin, they can include animal hair and can be from multiple sources of donors. It’s a gamble to style it because you can’t predict how it will affect the hair extensions. This can even come from simple everyday processes like washing and drying your hair. Styling virgin hair will be able to handle hair dye if you want a new color in your hair. It will also remain strong and healthy if you like styling your hair in up-dos.



Not just Remy, but Virgin Indian Hair For Sale

We collect our hair from reputable and trustworthy sources that always send us the finest quality bundles. Our hair colors and styles will have something to match your hair and will make you feel confident when you wear them.

  • Style: Our hair extensions are strong enough so you can style them however you want, but you can also purchase them in a particular style so they can blend in with your hair.
    • Natural Curl: We have natural curl bundles from India and other places like Myanmar. Some of our bundles also have a Swiss Lace closure that will attach to your scalp seamlessly. You can easily access your extensions to clean them.
    • Wave: Our wavy pieces come from India, Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia. They offer different kinds of waves that will make your hair look lush and stylish.
    • Straight: The straight extensions are from India and Malaysia. We also have some straight hair with a slight wave if you want to give your hair some shape.
    • In-Between: Does your hair fall in loose, wavy curls? Or is it mostly straight but has a few waves? We have extensions that combine some hairstyles, so you have options to pick the best extension to match your hair. So if your hair is wavy/curly, wavy-straight or has a slight wave, we have an extension that will blend with your natural hair texture.
  • Color: Our hair extensions come in so many different colors, so you don’t have to worry about coloring or altering your hair in any way.
    • Black: Our dark hair extensions are glossy and all natural. Some places might have to dye their extensions to make it the right color, but our extensions are untouched and unprocessed.
    • Brown: The brown hair extensions are lustrous and have healthy shapes and textures. You will have no problems finding the right brown extension for your hair.
    • Auburn and Blonde: Our champagne colored hair exertions are glowing and full of body and volume. The blonde hair comes straight from our sources and we leave the extensions unprocessed so there’s nothing that will leave a residue in your hair.

Our hair extensions don’t tangle regardless of their level of thickness. They won’t break when you run your fingers or brush through them. They’re all sleek, strong and have a natural shine.
Quality assurance is one of our top priorities. We want you to have strong and stunning hair extensions that blend naturally with your hair. Our products are to help you feel confident and beautiful.



Top Virgin Indian Hair in Texas

RIE Hair Boutique is a beauty supply store located in Dallas, Texas. We also ship to your location so you can get your hair bundles that you’ve always wanted.

We specialize in hair extensions and only get the finest quality bundles. Our hair extensions are premium hair products that will last for a long time and look fantastic.

Other suppliers won’t get Remy or virgin hair, which lowers the quality of the bundle in its appearance and longevity. The hair cuticles aren’t matched up and could come from multiple donors.

These places then have to try and make these bundles look like Remy or virgin hair. This involves more chemical processes that will initially make them look good. It could be dyed the color, so the extension is uniform or adding a silicone coating to make it seem glossy and healthy. But that will wash out quickly and the hair will tangle, break and ultimately be unusable.

We never get bundles with synthetic or animal hair. Our pride and joy is supplying the best beauty products to you so you can focus on choosing what hairstyle you want instead of worrying if the product came from somewhere with less than ideal products.

At RIE Hair Boutique, you know you’re getting unprocessed Indian hair that’s natural, beautiful and will last. You can choose from our different styles and colors to see what works for you.

Is your style elegant and simple? Or is your look more about being sassy and vivacious? Our collection will have hair extensions that will match your style so you can continue to express yourself and feel good about your hair.

Get Beautiful Hair Now

RIE Hair Boutique has plenty of beauty supply products and knowledgeable people who will answer any questions and give suggestions if you’re unsure about something.

Our hair extensions are pure, shiny and natural. They’re perfect for adding to your look and giving your hairstyle a unique and personalized style.

Don’t settle for subpar hair extensions. Contact us today, and we’ll discuss your vision and how we can help to make that vision come to life.