Remy Hair

Non-Remy Hair is Virgin Hair, and it is sourced from the country of it’s original origin, always collected from one individual donor at a time. The process is very meticulous for virgin hair, it cannot be leftover from salons where people gather other hair samples, nor can it be from multiple donors.

  • Longer Lifespan: The cuticles match and are aligned, so the hair is more healthy. When brushing the hair it will not easily break off, nor diminish the overall fullness or the look of the hair extension. It will last longer than remy hair and be more vibrant and healthy in it’s appearance.

Sellers will add layers of silicone to Remy bundles to make them look shiny and natural. This will remain for a few washes, but after that, the hair will damage easily and start to tangle and the extension will be full of matted hair. Poor quality hair extensions will then start to fall apart and become completely unmanageable.

When can hair be classified as Remy or Virgin?

Hair has to meet the criteria for each term. Although VIRGIN hair comes from a single donor and cuticles have been aligned, Remy hair has not, there is a possibility the hair has gone through a steaming or some type of chemical processing. Many people refer to Remy Virgin hair when all the cuticles match up, and the hair has never undergone a process that would affect or change it, however this is a very rare find, as Remy hair actually means that the hair has been processed. Therefore virgin hair is always the absolute best way to go for your hair extensions needs.