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RIE Hair Boutique’s offer Blonde Human Hair Bundles, 613 Blonde Color Straight Hair and Body Wave which changes your look at once. If you ever want to change a hair color style and wanted to be like the Movie star you can use RIE Hair Boutique’s 1B/613 Blonde.
Blonde wigs and hair extensions color can be dyed friendly and restyled as you want.

They can easily color, wash and do any type of styling. RIE Hair Boutique’s goal is to provide client care and satisfaction without any difficulty. Its length varies from 18’’ to 22’’. Order any type of womens wigs from RIE Hair Boutique’s wig store and enjoy a change in your overall look.


Stunning Indian Blond Hair

RIE hair boutique presents this blonde hair extension for their clients who want a lighter look. They say Blonde hair people have more fun, well let the fun begin with our 1b / 613 blonde bundles that have dark roots and a vibrant 613 blonde color throughout the rest of the extension it is most suitable for people who want to change the hair to various different colors by color treating.
This extension is made of 100 % natural human hair and is retrieved from young donors within the temples of India. This blonde extension has a thick texture from top to the bottom. It is real human hair and does not contain any other materials at all, other than the color treatment.

It’s soft and clean weft has full cuticle aligned and makes it shedding free. Its well-constructed weft exhibits the excellence of the workmanship. Proper use of a wide tooth comb or weave brush makes it more smooth and manageable to avoid it being tangled.

It could be restyled according to your desire. It can be wand curled, hot curled or straightened by flat ironed occasionally. The frequent use of these heating tools are not advised, try to avoid over heating to prevent breakage of the blonde extension.

RIE hair boutique properly weighs the hair to 3.5 ounces and stretches the hair to the actual measurement which is the right method for it. Before delivering to clients or store the products do go through many quality control standards. So that the client gets best possible quality because they deserve it, and our hair boutique aims to please all or our clients. We do our very best to ensure your delivery is on time in effort to complete total customer satisfaction at all times.

This 1B/613 blonde extension should be washed and conditioned with the sulfate-free products to avoid dryness. Also to keep the quality of the hair by proper daily maintenance the use of shampoo twice in a week is better. Conditioner enhances the smoothness of hair. Hydrating drops can be used for a silky straight or curly look.

Minimal flat ironing or hot curling is best for this extension to ensure life span usability. It can easily be used for more than one to three years with proper care. It is natural human hair and should be treated as such.

This extension Is more livelier, confident and lights up your beauty. So the clients who want to go for a stylish hair look then this blonde extension is the right choice for them.

This extension is user-friendly and can be worn by anyone of any complexion. It is low maintenance and carefree, you will enjoy the beauty of your new fun loving look. So have this extension and enjoy the day with confidence