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RIE hair boutique has the intention to make its clients stand out in the crowd like a star. It designed hair extension for every lady. If someone has thin hair and wants to add volume within less time then these clips in hair extension is for them. It is easy to use and strong enough not to break.

This clip in extension is 100 % Remy unprocessed natural human hair. It has a straight texture and can easily attach with original hair. This extension is of supreme quality and has the same consistency from top to the bottom. It has a healthy end and free from split ends.

It has a beautiful color with straight clips that makes it easily worn which will make anyone stand out in any event or daily routine. Its texture is simply astonishing and creates volume  immediately to the hair.

Any style can be done like curl and straight with a flat iron but make sure the temperature will not exceed 140 degrees. It is better to avoid the frequent use of these heating tools and can only be used when hair is dry. Dry under normal conditions is more preferable.

The color of this extension can be changed from a darker color easily to attain a lighter color. The expert opinion is the color change should be done by a licensed professional rather than applying the color at home. For obtaining the perfect result first apply the color to a piece of sample hair first.

It is tangle free and proper bristle brush or comb is required to maintain the original silky pattern of the hair. This will expand the life span of use. You may  use this brush on wet hair extension.

A little amount of sulfate-free shampoo is sufficient and warm or cool water is suggested for its washing. Saturate by rubbing, scrub and bunch your hair during washing. It will lift the fragrance of this product and apply a hydrating conditioner for smoothness and shine of hair.

Do not sleep with wet hair and it’s better to make loose braids or ponytail to avoid any tangle in it. It is safe to detach this extension from your hair.

The life span of this extension can be enhanced and used more it all depends that how a user takes care of it.