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Love that water wave look? This is the perfect short bob fun summer look for you. Meet Sassy your new go to, let's have some fun wig, by RIE Hair Boutique


Water wave bob wigs with frontal lace

The popularity of wigs among women is definite, and their love for long hair too. With our ultimate 360 guides to all the hair type extensions and types of hair provided in those extensions now, we are taking over with wigs and their hair types. In this article, we are going to learn about water wave bob wigs with frontal lace. For a detailed article about frontal lac.

Water wave

A water wave is natural-looking waves that are in hair and looks beautiful. They are called water waves because they look like water in waves form. Like seawater with waves so it is the same shape as the hair. Water wave bob wigs are made in very fine form to satisfy the need of the costumers. They come with frontal lace meaning, the lace is only at the front part of the wig covering the front of your head and merging into your scalp. With frontal lace, your scalp will be able to breathe easily. The frontal lace attached to this will give it a more neat look. Just use any skin adhesive and enjoy your look.

Giving a major style statement

With front lace on the wig, baby hair is also sewed to give it a more realistic look. The bob cut is about neck length or sometimes to shoulder length its all about your own preference. You can style this in two ways, centre way of sideways. This water wave bob wigs are a true to style statement. Bob is cut in a very neat and sleek way giving away major style statement of your own.

Taking care

Taking care of this wig is not so difficult as the water wave pattern can get tangled easily so you will be needing a detangler brush. Washing it is the same as of any other wig, but we will not recommend it washing much, as washing it will cause damage and can shed hair from the wig.


Water wave bob wigs are customized wig as of its popularity. They cannot be found in virgin human hair or real raw hair (also read REAL RAW HAIR, HUMAN VIRGIN HAIR), as they are in a bob cut so automatically they are eliminated from the list of virgin human hair of real raw hair. To give it a more uniform look they are styled using heating tools. And as they are cut and styled so you will not be enjoying colouring it so much because it will not give the desired look you want. So it is best to think in all aspects beforehand. Later with time if you feel like you need different styles it can be straightened and then curled again, in that way you will lose your water wave look. When washing dries it in open do not use any dryer. And after use put it on the headstand especially for wigs to maintain its shape. That’s all from us to you.