Raw Human Hair Wig, Closure Wig

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Her name is Bashia, the most beautiful raw human hair wig, she is your everyday custom made closure wig by RIE Hair Boutique.


101 about Closure wig and Raw human hair wig

Wigs are and were in fashion in every era. From celebs to ancient rich people, they were there to enhance the look, change the look, or to try something out of your comfort zone. We talked about Raw human hair and its benefits in our REAL RAW HAIR. So let’s talk about the wigs with Raw human hair.

Raw human hair wig

Raw human hair is a kind of hair that is not touched by external heat or any kind of change they are the most natural and real kind of hair found on the market. By use of this Raw human hair, the wigs are made, so they are known as Raw human hair wig. The wigs are the most natural type of wigs on the market.

Benefits of Raw human hair wig

The benefit of this Raw human hair wig is that you will not be effecting your own hair. And you will be able to style them in any way you want. They are very easy to style as they are not externally done any styling. Giving heat will be easy, coloring will be easy.

Real look no fake ones

As the Raw human hair wig is natural hair using them will not be giving away any fake look, they look like real own hair. Best for people who are suffering from any kind of balding. And taking care of them is much easier than any other kind, they last longer as they are real and raw type.

Closure wig

With the Raw human hair wig, there is also another type that is Closure wig, that is made of Raw human hair. As previously we talked about LACE FRONT WIG, and how they are best to let’s talk about Closure wig, as the word is telling it all closure is to close. It may be of sewing with hair or clipping they are needed for a closure of the wig on your head.

Types of closure wig

The wigs when attaching to your hair they will give a neat look to your wig. The closure is mostly less expensive than any other headpiece. The closure wig comes in three different types:

  • Three ways

  • Middle way

  • Freeway

Three ways:

This type of closure wig is that can be parted into three ways easily and will style in the left side, right side, or centre. They cannot be done in any other way.

Middle way:

This type is that is middle way parting of the hair. They already come in this way and cannot be styled in any other way so you will be stuck with this style.


This type is the best type because they can be styled in any way and parted in any way. Styling them is much easier and gives a more natural look, so choosing this type is the best.

Choosing the right type of wig is best if you get help. So with our guide, it will be easy for you to choose.