Raw Malaysian Straight Hair, Lace Front Bob Wig / Bobbie

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Raw Malaysian straight Hair, lace front bob wig is the perfect look for summer, she's classy, sassy, very flexible, your everyday on the go wig,



Raw Malaysian straight hair, lace front bob wig

Life is too short to have a boring hairstyle, so get up and get a good hairstyle, it does not have to be your own natural hair, wink! You can have fun hairstyle without regretting the decision to cut the hair and can go back to your own hair any time you want.

Cutting hair can be a big deal

Wigs are the answer to all of this and your problem. Extensions can be fun and good to enhance the look and you can cut them without cutting your own hair. If you want a stylish bob, a perfect pixie cut you will NOT have to sacrifice your own hair either, also wigs are one of the best options you can have for a protective hairstyle. Because cutting hair can be a big deal.

Hair cuts are always in fashion

Talking about different hair cuts and styles that are always fashionable and never goes out of style. There is this hair cut known as bob cut that is really out there and a true fashion statement. This style is something for girls who want to try something out of the comfort zone.

Types of bob cut

Bob hair cut comes in three types:

    • Long bob

    • Short bob

    • Medium bob

Long bob

This type of bob goes through the neck at the back and from the front, it covers the part of front a little below the shoulder.

Short bob

This is a type of bob that covers the only head and does not go below the neck.

Medium bob

Medium bob covers the head part and touches the shoulder but not so much.

A look at Raw Malaysian straight hair

With a brief talk about bob cuts let’s come to the beautiful Raw Malaysian straight hair, lace front bob wig. For this, we need to know about Raw Malaysian straight hair. Malaysian hair is known for the natural shine and black beauty. They are silky and shiny with lightweight still giving a fuller look. The Malaysian hair used here is Raw. Why it is Raw Malaysian straight hair because they are straight in a natural way not fake dead straight look.  They are just cut and not went through any other chemical or heat processes to it is 100% raw Malaysian hair and looks breathtakingly beautiful. This wig comes in medium bob style that is for most if the wigs.

For this Raw Malaysian straight hair, lace front bob wig is so perfect for any occasion. This comes with a lace front. The lace front is best to make it look as natural as possible. By using any skin-friendly adhesive you can stick this but if you are not so big fan of the adhesive you can use the sewing method.

For Raw Malaysian straight hair, lace front bob wig, you should know a few things. If you got long hair and using this short bob is not so good idea because covering up will be a little task and can slip. So think better. That’s all from us, happy shopping to you.