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Order Lustrous Real Virgin Indian Hair Extensions

They’re glossy and gleaming, even in low light. These are premium human hair extensions from India, in their purest form. Not only will you feel like a superstar when you wear these pure virgin hair extensions, but you’ll look the part, too. Hollywood’s calling: Are you going to answer?

Order the best pure virgin Indian hair from RIE-hair Boutique today for you or your clients.

Ready for Styling Tools and Tricks

Are you looking for raw human Indian hair extensions that are straight from the temples in India? Our raw hair is 100 percent pure, making it the most trustworthy, outstanding source for human hair. We sell our raw Indian hair extensions by the bundle, offering you the easiest way to get shimmering locks without any fuss.

Our pure virgin hair extensions have not been processed, so they’re a great canvas for your next desired hair style. Style them like you would your natural hair. You can also dye them, wash them and treat them as if you grew them yourself.

Real Virgin Indian Hair Makes the Difference

Feel like you’ve tried every hair extension on the market, only to be disappointed by the quality? RIE-hair Boutique was founded on the basis of superior quality.

Our goal is to work with the temples of India and other natural human hair sources to provide you with raw human hair. What makes our Indian hair extensions unique? First, all the cuticles are going in the same direction. This reduces the tendency for hair to jumble together, tangling into a mess. Next, because the raw hair has been unprocessed, it’s in its simplest form. Imagine what you can do when you have the greatest hair in the world that has never been chemically processed or manipulated. There are limitless possibilities when you style with pure virgin Indian hair.

Stop wasting money on beauty supply store hair extensions that may be made of a combination of human, animal and synthetic hair wrapped with a silicone coating that will wash off or melt away. Invest in real virgin human hair extensions from India and a few selected countries, and love every compliment you receive.

Perfect for Customers of All Ethnicities

Our RIE-hair Boutique products, including raw 100 percent human hair from India, are ideal for customers of any ethnicity. Whether you’re African-American, Asian, Caucasian or any other ethnicity, you will adore the beautiful extensions you purchase from us. Watch our videos and see how easy it is to run your fingers through our extensions! You’ll be smitten with your new extensions, we promise!

Order your supply of raw Indian human hair extensions today.