Hair extensions can come from different sources and comes in various cuts. Some are higher quality than others and certain kinds will last longer for you.

  • Yaky Hair: This type of hair is made to look like African-American hair. It’s usually thicker and not as soft as Remy or virgin hair.
  • European: This kind of hair varies in color from different shades of blonde to brown. The consistency is thinner than the other types of hair.
  • Brazilian, Peruvian, Chinese, Italian: These hair bundles are usually from MULTIPLE donors, which would help classify them as a lower quality hair. The hair is not natural and is usually processed a darker color.
  • Indian: When Indian hair is natural or virgin,  it’s one of the silkiest and strongest types of hair for extensions. Indian hair comes from temples of India in a careful process designed to preserve the hair quality as much as possible.

The donors first have their hair bundled into manageable sections. Then, all of their hair is shaved. Bundling the hair first ensures that the cuticles are all facing the same direction. No hair can be gathered from the floor or added because of the bundled sections. This process preserves hair quality for strength and shine.

Do not Settle for Remy if you can have Virgin Indian Hair

At RIEHair Boutique, we have virgin Indian hair extensions that last are smooth, untangled, and will last a long time.

There are many benefits to getting virgin Indian hair extensions. The combination of even cuticles, natural and strong hair makes for gorgeous extensions that you’ll love.

  • Stable: Our extensions stay together because the hair cuticles run in the same direction. The cuticles are also intact because they were bundled and then cut away from the donor. They are less likely to snag and form knots, which could ruin your extension.
  • Thick: Indian hair tends to be thicker than other styles. It’s less brittle and can easily maintain strength when you wash it on a regular basis. The extensions are flexible and won’t break when you brush them or if you’re constantly putting your hair up in buns or ponytails.
  • Natural: These extensions are not Remy, so you have 100% pure human hair from one donor. There’s a careful process to make sure the cuticles are all facing the same way. The hair extensions will react in the same way to whatever you do with it.
  • Style: If your hair extensions aren’t Raw or Virgin, they can include animal hair and can be from multiple sources of donors. It’s a gamble to style it because you can’t predict how it will affect the hair extensions. This can even come from simple everyday processes like washing and drying your hair. Styling virgin hair will be able to handle hair dye if you want a new color in your hair. It will also remain strong and healthy if you like styling your hair in up-dos.