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Unprocessed Hair Benefits

Get the Advantages of Indian Unprocessed Hair Extensions

Want your hair to look longer, have an incredible sheen and make you feel like you’re a star from morning to night? The solution is to order unprocessed virgin Indian hair from Dallas, TX, based RIE-hair Boutique.

We have traveled around the world to bring you the best virgin unprocessed Indian hair on the market. From the moment you touch it, you’ll see why people around the world have fallen in love with unprocessed hair.

Get all the benefits of unprocessed Indian hair for sale from RIE-hair Boutique:

  • It’s incredibly smooth. One touch is all it takes to know that unprocessed virgin Indian hair bundles are the real deal. Why do they stay smooth, wash after wash, and style after style? It’s not a secret: It’s because all the cuticles are going in the same direction. Unprocessed virgin hair from RIE-hair Boutique has been sourced from the directly from donor human hair. This ensures that all the hairs are working together, reducing tangles and knots. Other suppliers may create hair extension bundles out of a mixture of human hairs that have been collected from brushes and even temple and salon floors. This means their hair extensions have cuticles going in both directions, which will lead to frustration and poor quality.
  • It’s 100 percent human hair. Why would you want a mixture of human, animal and synthetic hair when you could get pure, unprocessed and natural human hair? All beauty supply stores that supply hair extensions do not specialize in selling virgin unprocessed Indian hair. Their hair may feel soft at first, but don’t be fooled. You could be getting hair from anywhere, and after the first wear, it’s doubtful that you’ll want to wear it ever again.
  • It can be processed. This is hair that has not been chemically treated, processed or steamed, so it’s in its purest form possible when it arrives. You can treat it like you would your natural hair, it can be color treated or styled to your preference. You don’t have to do anything special to keep it shiny and gorgeous.
  • It doesn’t have any unwanted chemicals on it. Non-human or semi-human hair not from Indian is typically treated with chemicals. These chemicals are designed to make it feel soft when you first touch it, but they usually wash out almost immediately, also they may make it harder for you to style your extensions. We’ve even heard of some subpar extensions melting under the heat of blow dryers, curling irons and straighteners.

Trust Your Style and Appearance to Real Indian Human Hair Extensions

Why not look your best whenever possible? Trust your first and lasting impressions to the power of real human hair that’s unprocessed. Order raw human hair extensions from RIE-hair Boutique in Allen, servicing the greater Dallas, TX area.