The importance of virgin hair in the world of hair extensions is understood by salon owners and women who have years of experience in using extension products. No synthetic or even lesser quality real hair extensions come close to the quality look, feel, styling flexibility and longevity of virgin products. Here at RIEhairboutique we are professionally and ethically committed to sourcing and bringing the best quality virgin hair extensions to our national and local Dallas, TX, customers. Our philosophy is to always provide the best products while offering the most responsive, personal service.

What are the best sources for virgin hair?

Virgin hair has been a term used by women and beauty and fashion outlets and media since the 1920’s. Its original meaning was that of hair in its natural state, and it evolved to mean young hair (from younger women), free from gray or split ends, and finally, it defines hair that has all the cuticles intact and has not undergone any kind of chemical treatment or processing. Virgin hair comes from specific countries such as India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Burma wherein there is an abundance of hair available of hair available of extremely high quality and strict measures are taken and oversighted to insure the hair is virgin through the steps of collecting and crafting into extension bundles. Some virgin hair is actually faked, even coming from India or other Asian countries. Hair coming from European countries such as Italy can be virgin but it is rare. The real criteria to look for is 100% cuticle unprocessed for every strand. All of our products follow this criteria.

Virgin Hair Extensions